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Belmond Medical Center

Who We Are

Ambulance Service

What is the Belmond Volunteer Ambulance Service?

Belmond Volunteer Ambulance Service is a group of dedicated state certified people who give of their time and training to help others. We do this by being available and providing assistance to those in need of pre-hospital medical attention.

Belmond AmbulanceThe State of Iowa has several levels of training including:

  • First Responder
  • EMT-B
  • EMT-I
  • Paramedic
  • Paramedic Specialist

Belmond Ambulance hasfour individuals that work fulltime through the Belmond Medical Center. It has "volunteers" that are drivers, First Responders, EMT-B’s, EMT-I’s and a Paramedic Specialist. Our volunteers are trained to do many things for the patient including evaluating their conditions, providing initial emergency treatment, communicating with the physicans, and providing rapid transport to the nearest appropriate health care facility. Belmond Ambulance personnel also provide community service by providing safety programs in the schools and working in the community to help teach CPR.

Belmond Ambulance personnel staff the ambulance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Volunteers receive a minimal amount of call pay when they are on call and an hourly rate of pay when they are called into service. All ‘volunteers’ are employees of the Belmond Medical Center.

Belmond Ambulance holds monthly business meetings and monthly training classes to enhance communications and maintain the highest standards of emergency care.

Any persons interested in being part of the Belmond Ambulance Service please feel free to contact the EMS Desk at Belmond Medical Center at 641-444-5694, or speak to any member of the Service.

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