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Belmond Medical Center

For Family

Wellness Testing

What is wellness testing?

Scenario #1:
Paul has high cholesterol. He doesn't want to take medication without first trying diet and exercise. He wants to find out if all of his efforts have worked to control his cholesterol.

Scenario #2:
Mary's mother died of breast cancer. Mary wants to be tested to see if she's at risk.

Scenario #3:
John has a family history of diabetes. He's been thirsty lately, but it's also been very hot outside. He wants to find out if his glucose if running high, but he doesn't have time to see his family physician within the next few weeks.

Up until now, all three scenarios required making an appointment with a physician to get the proper test(s)ordered. Also, insurance may not cover all these costs. If insurance doesn't pay, Paul, Mary and John will be stuck with the bill. Ouch!

Not any longer!

Today, a variety of tests are being offered to the public by Belmond Medical Center. A doctor's order is not required. Because the financial office sends no bills and doesn't involve insurance, the cost of these tests is reduced - dramatically. Payment of the tests is taken care of when the person completes the simple order form. Results are mailed directly to the person, along with explanations of the results. Two copies of the results are sent: one for the patient and a second copy which the patient can give to their physician if they chose to do so at their next doctor's appointment.

No appointment is necessary. Hours are 8:30-4:00, Monday through Friday. Please call the laboratory if you have any questions at all. We'll be happy to help you. Our phone number is 641.444.5656.

Good health begins with you!