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Belmond Medical Center

Who We Are

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers enjoying potluckBelmond Medical Center is blessed to have many volunteers supporting our organization in a variety of ways. These include, but are not limited to, the Board of Trustees, the Belmond Community Hospital Foundation, the Belmond Medical Center Auxiliary, the Belmond Volunteer Ambulance Service personnel, and runners.

Board of Trustees – The BMC Board of Trustees is the ultimate authority and decision-maker for BMC meeting on a monthly basis. To serve the best interests of the facility, the board members also serve on a variety of committees, Theses include the Finance Committee, the Personnel Committee, and the Building and Grounds Committee. These specific committees meet on an as needed basis.

Belmond Community Hospital Foundation – The Belmond Community Hospital Foundation is a separate entity designed to support the overall needs of the medical community. The Foundation, in existence since 1984 has provided support to BMC through funding capital projects and assisting medical students with educational expenses.

Belmond Medical Center Auxiliary – The Auxiliary has many active volunteers who donate many personal hours for the benefit of BMC. Through it donations it provides equipment and supplies to assist with patient care. Aside this support, the members provide countless hours of time as hostesses for the outpatient clinics, organizing and manning the local blood drives, assisting with cholesterol screenings and flu shot clinics, visiting the patients, and supporting students entering the medical field.

Belmond Volunteer Ambulance Service Personnel – Ambulance service personnel consist of a number of dedicated people who give to their time and talent as drivers for the ambulance or as Emergency Medical Technicians. These personnel are ready at a moments notice to provide assistance to persons with emergent medical needs. In addition to emergency care, the ambulance service provides transfer between facilities for those unable to travel by standard means.

Runners – Runners are average, everyday people willing to give of their time to ‘run’ and get what the facility may need and not have readily available on site. These needs may include units of blood, medications that are not routinely stored on site, and special intravenous fluids.

On behalf of the patients we serve, the staff at BMC truly appreciates the support of these wonderful persons who are willing to provide. If you wish to participate with any of these activities or donate your time, please contact BMC and we will help to make the necessary arrangements.